The Change We make

Our Change changes the world

We will not limit our imagination towards making better world.
This means we are not afraid of the border between reality and ideals,
pushing our limits and will not hesitate to strive for a better future.

About us

We believe in the better and more convenient life blockchain will bring, the growing vision and possibilities within. We dream of a better world than today where blockchain is a part of our daily lives by overcoming its technological limits and by applying different blockchain based services with a flexible and dynamic token economy.

Why us


We are a team of experts with good experience in blockchain, mobile and web game development.


We have the technology to integrate the future core technology, blockchain with the best online business model.


We are currently operating different blockchain services , developed and managing a blockchain integrated business model. We plan to expand it.

International experience

We have different international experience and insights in development and operation management in blockchain and online games


Blockchain development

With different Dapps, DEX, Online Games,
we are integrating it into a new and blockchain-friendly business.

Game Development

We develop online games with experienced competent developers

Blockchain Business Consulting

We have accumulated much experience and insight in the industry by consulting and advising different blockchain business project models and their on-chain economic system.


We are investing our resources to promising technologies
such as blockchain that will change the world.


Our Mission

Change the present and predict the future by reinterpreting the current limitations of blockchain technology in a realistic view.

Our Vision

We intend to realize the actual expansion of using blockchain through clear and firm evidences and use cases by integrating and Developing feasible business in real life.

Our Partners

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